According to The Telegraph, a software developer is “responsible for designing the computer programmes and operating systems that we use in everyday life. From word processors, games and websites, software developers are the people that design these systems so we can use them easily and more efficiently”.

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on computer software, we are seeing a growing number of people choose software development as their career of choice. Why? The list of reasons to become a software developer is never-ending, here are our top 5 reasons to consider a career in software development:

1)      Continuous learning opportunities

The software development landscape is extremely varied and there are plenty of paths to follow. Regardless of which path you take, a career in software development will be fast-moving and as the job needs shift, there will always be new skills and languages to learn.

2)      In high demand

Software developers can have a significant impact on the success of a business. A report from Tech Nation stated that there were “over 130,000 software development vacancies in 2018, which means that the role is still the most in-demand tech position across all clusters in the UK”. This trend looks set to continue with the industry predicted to grow by 10% over the upcoming years, making software development a future-proof career choice.

3)      Highly creative profession

Most people wouldn’t associate software development with creativity, however, it is a very creative job. Software developers drive the creativity behind programmes and are often tasked with designing and creating things from scratch. If you are creative and analytically minded, you’d be well-suited to a career in software development.

4)      You don’t need a degree

One of the main myths surrounding a career in software development is that you need a degree in computer science (or a similar subject) first. Not all software developers will come from a computer-related background, many will learn the skills in later life and take the plunge into a career change.

5)      High earning potential

The increasing demand for software developers has put pressure on companies to offer higher salaries to those who meet their requirements. The average salary for a software developer in the UK is £39,155, with senior developers earning more than £45,000. These salaries will increase depending on speciality and seniority within the industry.

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