Diverse recruitment is something that the technology industry has been talking about for decades, however, it is something that is yet to be truly delivered. The tech sector is still seeing significant diversity gaps, proving that businesses need to do more to drive this change and hire diverse tech talent.

Figures released by BCS found in “2019 that the 249,000 women working in UK technology accounted for 17% of IT specialists in the region, a figure which has only grown by 1% over the past five years”. In a similar light, the number of BAME IT specialists in the UK has only increased by 2% in the past five years to 18%. These figures highlight the need for transformational change in the industry, and show us that many businesses in the tech sector are missing out on the advantages a diverse workforce can offer.

The benefits that can be achieved by hiring diverse tech talent are endless, here are 5 reasons why your business should be driving this change:

1)      The success and survival of a business depends on DEI

A recent study by McKinsey found that “gender and ethnically diverse board rooms within companies increased financial returns by as much as 43%”, highlighting the importance of recruiting a diverse workforce, especially as many businesses find themselves fighting for survival post Covid-19.

2)       Representation in your workforce matters 

Recruiting diverse talent will not only help tech businesses attract the best talent,  it will also help retain them and increase your future talent pool. . Traditionally underrepresented groups need to feel like they fit in within the business, and if they don’t, they’ll be more likely to leave. When recruiting for new roles attracting candidates from various communities is crucial, however, candidates will look for authentic role models within the business and if they don’t see them, they are unlikely to apply.

3)      Make sure your products and solutions are fit for purpose

Without diversity, our products and solutions aren’t fit for purpose. Companies need a diverse team to ensure they are representative of the diverse market they serve. If businesses fail to do this, they are less likely to connect with their audience and maintain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

4)      Boost creativity and innovation

As Michelle Obama rightly said, “sameness breeds more sameness, until you make a thoughtful effort to counteract it.” If all your employees are from the same or a similar background, chances are you’ll be limiting your creativity. Diverse talent will foster more creativity and innovation, allowing them to come up with diverse solutions to achieve the company’s goals.

5)      Improve performance

Differences in opinions and mindsets should be viewed as an asset rather than a weakness. In order to truly reap the rewards of a diverse workforce, businesses need to ensure their approach to diversity and inclusion is authentic, not passive.

If you want to hire diverse tech talent to help improve your organisational performance and achieve your goals, contact Ben, our Head of Talent. We have a pool of candidates, ranging from developers to data scientists, who have successfully completed our academies and are ready to start their career in tech.