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5 Reasons to Work in Tech


If the ’90s seem like a lifetime ago, that’s because it was. For those of you that can remember, the DVD player was the hottest new entertainment device, mobile phones were big and bulky and accessing the internet was a slow experience, confined just to desktop computers.

Fast forward to now and it would be fair to say we’re living in the Golden Age of Tech, and it’s not stopping any time soon.

Every day we hear of new advancements in technology, whether it’s space travel, driverless cars, development in healthcare or the latest Smart Home devices. Tech is all around us, and at this stage, we would go as far as to say we couldn’t live without it! The significance of technology in our lives is undeniable, which in our opinion, makes a career in Technology a no-brainer!

Here are 5 reasons to work in tech – the fastest-growing, fastest-changing and possibly most demanding sector in the world.


The Tech Industry is growing

Whilst the past 2 years have seen unprecedented and untold damage to sectors including hospitality, travel and retail, the technology sector has continued to rise above, reaching new heights and going beyond expectations.

With the mass enforcement of home working, the adoption of comms tools such as Teams and Zoom to connect with friends and family and the uptake in online learning, our work and home lives have intrinsically linked together to the digital world.

This adoption and growth have been great for the industry and even better for job seekers. It’s estimated that tech vacancies have skyrocketed by over 50% since 2020 and are now accumulating at an astonishing rate. Across the industry it is also reported that business leaders are generating record levels of investment as long-term revenue growth is predicted across the next decade, making the sector an ideal choice for applicants who prioritise job security and career progression.


You do know, it’s not all about Tech?

Tech firms typically dominate when it comes to the list of the best places to work, with many recognising the importance of a happy, inspiring and supportive atmosphere. Whilst it may seem like all the Tech companies out there are only hiring developers, that’s simply not true. There are roles in Tech for all specialities including Marketing, HR, Sales, Project Management, or any other position you would normally find in any other organisation.

Each employee plays an integral and critical part in the businesses success, no matter what your role is in Tech.


Tech employees drive Innovation & Progression

Some people are content with a slower-paced role that offers little in the way of excitement, development or growth but makes up for its shortfalls with additional benefits…

Those who work in Tech are typically ambitious, driven, and enthusiastic, this mentality is driven by the businesses they work for. The Tech sector is different, it’s the ability to provide learning opportunities and a new experience on a daily basis that makes it unique.

Employees working in Tech often find themselves with the autonomy to create something completely new, take risks and potentially see phenomenal results. Tech employees can identify business opportunities as they arise in real-time. Collaborating with their teams can have a real impact on a business over the longer term.

Ideas and collaboration are just as important as ability, meaning that anyone can find their true calling and create a rewarding working life with hard work, a positive attitude, and the commitment to learn and grow.


Experience accelerated growth

Tech companies grow at an astonishingly accelerated pace when compared to companies across non-tech sectors. With this comes an array of exciting opportunities to learn more, faster – meaning Tech employees create major strides in their careers at that same accelerated rate as the business.

In other companies, you’d normally be restricted by outdated hierarchical promotion structures which historically slow employees down, limiting growth and driving unhappiness in the workplace.


Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging – an ongoing vision.

This is a point we here at TechTalent Academy feel extremely passionate about. Whilst there has been a push in recent years to drive diversity, inclusion and equality across the Tech sector we don’t feel as though companies have taken it far enough.

Our mission is to create a fair and fit-for-purpose tech industry where everyone with talent can thrive. We focus heavily on upskilling and re-training of women, returners to tech, BAME and neurodiverse audiences with an aim to bring them to the world of technology.

The lack of diversity has plagued the tech industry for decades but a change is coming. TechTalent Academy was set up to solve two issues – one to create more diverse tech teams and the other to upskill and bring more people into the sector. We teach the skillset that the Tech industry needs and provide opportunities for the many thousands of people who dream of working in tech.

To speak with us about the potential opportunities available to you contact us by emailing hello@techtalent.academy