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7 Cyber Security Tips To Follow In 2022


Let’s face it, it’s become an inevitability, our lives from now on will forever and always be intertwined with technology, which means that there’s never been more urgency around making sure you’re being safe in our digital world.

Here are our 7 best Cyber Security tips to follow in 2022 to make sure you’re keeping yourself safe online.

Think before you click.

Before you click that link, make sure you trust the source. Malicious links can do all sorts of damage to your device and increase the risk of exposure to malware. So before you click that link, do your due diligence and make sure it’s safe. A handy tip when using a desktop or laptop is to hover over the link with your mouse, this will display the link address in the bottom left corner (this might not always work) allowing you to see the link and analyse it before clicking.

Use strong and varied passwords.

We’ve all been there. We made a password when we were younger, and we’ve stuck with it since. However the risk of that password having been compromised over years of use across multiple websites, devices and logins is very high. It’s important to never use the same password for every site and to make sure your passwords include a mixture of; upper and lower case letters, symbols and numbers. The more complex your passwords are, the harder it is for people to get into your accounts.

Use Two-Factor Authentication.

Having a strong password is hugely important, but making sure you have two-factor authentication is just as so. This method provides two layers of protection. So if by some chance, a hacker does guess your password correctly, they’ll still need to make it past another layer of protection. These are most commonly texts, calls or emails.

Keep your systems updated.

Another crucial cyber safety tip is to make sure all of your systems are updated regularly. Seeing these software notifications can be annoying, but the benefit of listening to them is incredible. If you don’t keep everything updated a stick to out of date systems, hackers can find and exploit all the weaknesses within them.

Be aware of phishing scams.

Over 3 billion fake emails are sent daily and phishing attacks are one of the greatest tools in a cyber hackers arsenal, with them becoming more difficult to spot each day. In these attacks, the hacker will pretend to be someone that the recipient knows in order for them to fall for the attack. the hacker usually wants the recipient to reveal personal information about themselves and to open malicious links or open software to infect the recipient’s systems.

  • To avoid getting caught in these attacks make sure to look do these things:
  • Don’t open emails from unknown people or email addresses
  • Never click a link without checking where the link directs (Hover over the link to find this information)
  • Look for spelling errors within the email
  • Educate friends and family about these attacks so they can avoid being attacked themselves.

Don't use public WIFI without a VPN.

If you’re using public WIFI without a VPN it allows hackers to access your personal data by hacking into your device. With a VPN it encrypts the traffics between the server and your device, making the hacker’s life a lot harder.

You're not an exception.

It’s easy to think, “That won’t happen to me” until it does. Cybercriminals don’t care who you are, and to them, you’re a target. Be proactive to prevent any situations, so you’re not left trying to reverse the damage.