Are you looking for a career in software? TechTalent Academy is here to help. Our Women in Software Academy offers two pathways into a career in software: a full-time 11-week programme or a part-time programme, which will last for up to 40 weeks and will cover the skills necessary to land your first job in the industry.

To help ensure that you get the best possible start to a career in software, our course has been carefully designed to reflect the needs of employers with modules including: Python; Agile; HTML5/CSS; JavaScript; Pandas and NumPy; Coding Fundamentals; Security Fundamentals; Java Fundamentals and Django/Flask.

The wide range of modules ensure all students have a thorough understanding of the skills needed to become a successful software professional. Over the course of the programme, the students will put their skills to use with practical work designed to reflect real-world tasks, including:

  • Building simple scripts
  • Developing complex applications
  • Using HTML5 and CSS to develop a functioning website including CSS positioning, styling, media, and audio
  • Developing professional interactive features with JavaScript
  • Using JavaScript to solve issues
  • Using Python libraries (Pandas and NumPy) for data manipulation
  • Applying the fundamentals of software security
  • Learning how to find and fix bugs
  • Developing skills in reverse engineering
  • Writing exploits to understand the defences
  • Learning how to work with streams, file systems and configuring applications
  • Creating a website using a Python framework
  • Understanding how to use Scrum and techniques to manage Agile teams

Software development is one of the most in-demand tech positions in the UK and statistics released by IBIS World predicts that the software development industry is predicted to grow by 10% in the coming years. Given the existing skills gap facing the sector and as it continues to worsen, companies will be faced with further problems when trying to fulfil this demand.

For many businesses, the number of applicants for roles in Software Development or Engineering isn’t the problem, it’s finding candidates with the relevant knowledge to bridge their skills gap. The Software sector is constantly evolving which poses challenges to candidates and business alike. For candidates, the ever-changing landscape often means that their knowledge can be quickly out-dated. Consequently, this further impacts the skills shortage we’re seeing in the software industry as the talent pool simply don’t fit the bill. This is where TechTalent Academy can help. Our Women in Software Academy’s syllabus is designed based on real industry needs. This allows us to provide our students with skills needed to accelerate their career and increase their employability.

If you’d like to receive more information about how our Women in Software Academy can help your future, visit our website, or register your interest here. Or If you’re recruiting for a software professional to help drive your business forward, our Head of Talent, Ben, can help.