October is ADHD Awareness Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness of ADHD. Unfortunately, in today’s society there are negative stigmas associated with ADHD which in turn has led to workplace discrimination and individuals feeling as if they ‘aren’t cut out’ for a particular career.

As a company, we know first-hand the true value an individual with ADHD can bring to businesses, especially in the tech industry, which is why we’re working to break the stigma and educate people and businesses on the benefit neurodiverse individuals can offer to tech. People with ADHD and tech are a natural fit, here are just a few of the reasons why.

1)      They find changing environments stimulating

The tech environment is constantly changing and regardless of whether you work in cloud, cyber, data, software, or AI, you’ll be faced with regular developments. For some, this may be too stressful however for individuals with ADHD, they usually find these environments stimulating and thrive with the continuous advancements.

2)      They can hyperfocus

If they are interested in the subject, people with ADHD have the ability to fully engage and concentrate on a given task. Their ability to switch off means they are more likely to give a task their full attention versus a neurotypical person. When dealing with highly detailed tasks like writing code, this will minimise the chances of errors.

3)      They see things from a different perspective

Individuals with ADHD are highly creative and are often able to think outside of the box. This allows them to come up with different ideas and approach problems from different angles. These are crucial skills and idea generators are always in demand in the tech sector.

4)      They are quick learners

Tying back into their ability to hyperfocus, if the subject is of interest to them, individuals with ADHD can learn very quickly. Whereas neurotypical people can often find things repetitive, people with ADHD have no trouble paying attention if they are interested, which allows them to absorb information quickly.

5)      They can handle a crisis

Whereas most people shy away from chaos, people with ADHD thrive in it. Their ability to create order in a crisis will be a useful asset to any tech function.

6)      They are natural team players

Individuals with ADHD tend to have great interpersonal skills and are happy to offer a hand to others. This is a great characteristic for a tech worker as being able to work in a team is a key part of the job in tech.

At TechTalent Academy, we help under-represented groups, including neurodiverse individuals, get into tech. If you’d like to find out more, register your interest in our Women in Data Academy or our Women in Software Academy and take your first step towards a career in tech.