4 ways to balance studying with your other priorities.

You’ve taken the steps you need to upskill or help with a career change by joining one of our tech courses, but we know that doesn’t mean that’s all you have on! Everyone has other priorities such as working, caring for family, or simply wanting to balance your studying with your social life. How can you do that? Well, it isn’t always easy and does take some discipline, but here are a few of our suggestions to support you.

1. Choose a course that suits you

The most important thing is choosing a course that you’re going to enjoy and that will help you in the career you want. All our courses are virtual but have different start dates and course lengths. Make sure you’re choosing the right one and read up on how to succeed in our tech courses to help your decision.

2. Plan ahead

Although it might take up time by doing this, take the time out to plan ahead. Schedule all those important dates such as your class timetable, work shifts and appointments. Don’t forget to plan in time for the things you enjoy too – maybe schedule a catch-up with a friend or go to your favourite gym class. Making time for yourself is just as valuable and needed when you have a lot of priorities.

3. Stick together

Make friends with the people on your course or join other like-minded groups. There will be people in the same boat as you and sometimes it’s nice to know you’re not alone. You can all share tips on how you’re managing your priorities, or you can even meet up to study together, or grab a coffee! TechTalent also has different community groups you can get involved in while you’re studying and after you graduate.

4. Take a break!

We’ve spoken about scheduling in that time for activities you enjoy, but on top of that, just take a break sometimes. Cut yourself some slack, you’re managing to balance working, studying, a social life and other responsibilities. Take 15 minutes away from your screen (after reading this!) to chill out.