According to AWS, cloud computing is defined as ‘the on-demand delivery of IT resources over the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing’. This new tech solution provides businesses with greater cost efficiency, scalability, flexibility, and security versus the traditional methods previously used.

Cloud computing is used by organisations of all sizes and industries, and with the number of businesses adopting cloud computing solutions increasing daily, it is not a career path to be ignored. Why not? Here are the key reasons you should consider a career in cloud computing. 

  1.       You’ll be in high demand.

We’ve mentioned the skills shortage that spans the tech sector in previous blogs and cloud computing is no exception. Cloud Computing is still relatively new and is becoming increasingly popular, with businesses across the globe adopting cloud solutions at an exponential rate. This rapid growth means that the demand for cloud solutions exceeds the talent available to fulfil it, leaving cloud computing providers desperate for talent with the right skillset.

  1.       The roles are varied.

A career in cloud computing is anything but boring. The roles are varied, and progression opportunities are endless. Whether you’re interested in a career as a Cloud Engineer or a Solutions Architect, you’ll find something to suit your interests and skills.

  1.       You’ll future proof your career.

Upskilling is essential to maintaining your relevance in the tech industry and with the demand for cloud computing professionals increasing, your cloud skills will help make sure you have the skills desired by potential employers and will allow you to future proof your career.

To put it into context, the Cloud Industry Forum found that “over 80% of those organisations already using cloud services are expected to increase their commitment to this new supply model over the next year”. Furthermore, of those not using cloud services, “31% said that they anticipated adopting them in the next year”. This demonstrates the expected growth in Cloud Computing in the coming months therefore developing these skills now will help you capitalise on these opportunities.

  1.       You’ll make an impact.

Cloud computing services are an integral part of many businesses, especially in recent months, and are the driving force behind their digital transformation. If you want a career where you can make a difference and change the face of a company’s IT strategy, a career in cloud computing is for you.

  1.       You’ll earn a competitive salary.

The desperate need for cloud computing employees often means businesses are willing to offer a competitive salary in return for your skills. According to CW Jobs, the average salary for a cloud computing role in the UK is £62,500 versus the UK average of £30,420, and given the nature of working in the cloud, many businesses will offer remote and flexible working arrangements so you’re not limited to your geographic region.

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