TechTalent Academy Ltd (hereafter known as ‘the Company’) aims to set, maintain, and deliver high standards of service to all our learners, partners, and clients.

The main aim of this policy is to provide clear guidance for learners, partners and clients on how to make a formal compliment or complaint to the Company and what will happen in the event of a compliment or complaint being received. The Company will make sure that all complaints are, wherever possible, resolved and that relationships are repaired.


A compliment or complaint is one which has been received formally either in writing, by email or over the telephone.

  • A complaint is any expression of dissatisfaction, whether justified or not, about any aspect of the Company.
  • A compliment is an expression of praise or admiration.


The Company will always maintain confidentiality and will only disclose information to others as it is necessary to complete any investigation. The compliments and complaints monitoring logs will hold the names of individuals, but any summary reports prepared for internal monitoring purposes will not name individuals or enable them to be identified.


We aim to deal with complaints fairly and objectively and to ensure that appropriate action is taken to improve the quality of service the Company provides.


If a learner has a complaint the first stage should be to complain to either their trainer (through the normal channel of communication) or to the Training Manager at We would hope to settle the matter informally in this instance.


Complaint in writing to the Head of People & Operations, SJ Huntley at Your complaint will be acknowledged within 5 working days and will be referred to the relevant trainer who will investigate and respond within 15 days. It will be a written response indicating whether the complaint has been accepted, partly accepted, rejected or if further investigation is needed. The actions will be outlined, and reasons given in the response.


If the learner is still unsatisfied with the outcome of the investigation they should write again to the Head of People & Operations, SJ Huntley at, and identify the areas in which they disagree and explain why. The complaint will be acknowledged within 5 working days and a response can be expected within 15 working days.


In some cases, it may be appropriate to then refer the complaint to one of the Directors of the Company. At this stage, an indication of timescales will be given to the complainant. A full investigation will then be taken by a Director as designated by the CEO and a full report produced. The findings will then be shared with the complainant. It is aimed for the investigation to be undertaken and report produced within 6 weeks of receiving the complaint. The Directors may vary the procedure for good reason, this may be necessary to avoid a conflict of interest.


The complaints procedure for all non-learners shall follow the same format and timescales as that of the learner complaints procedure, however the people whom which they shall report will differ at stages 1 -3, as laid out below:


To complain to manager whom they have been dealing with.


Complain to Head of People and Operations, SJ Huntley at


If unsatisfied to respond to SJ Huntley.


The company will record all complaints on its Complaints Log. All Complaints that are referred to a manager or director will be monitored to ensure agreed timescales are met.


Compliments are always welcome and can be made formally – either direct or to members of staff concerned to the relevant manager. All compliments can also be emailed to, with the subject line including ‘Formal Compliment’.

On receiving a formal compliment it will be acknowledged within 5 working days of receipt and a copy will be filed and details recorded. A copy will also be sent to each member of staff to which the compliment relates and their relevant line manager.