How To Prepare For A Job Interview In Tech.

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking whether it’s your first one ever, you’re first in this industry, or even if you’ve done plenty before! When you’re really wanting the job, you want to be able to perform your best and show all the skills you have to offer that make you the right fit for the job! Check out our top tips to get the most out of your interview.

Understand the job spec and company.

Read it, then read it again! Make sure you’re understanding what the job entails and what exactly you’ll be doing. Also, research the company and what they do. Your interviewers won’t expect you to know everything, but by taking a look at their about page, their news section and their social media channels, you can get to know what they’re trying to achieve, and often what they’re like as a company. It may even help you see if you think they’ll be a good fit for you too!

Match your skills to the spec.

Rarely does someone have a 100% skills match to the job they’re going for. Look at the job specification, make notes of what skills you have that do match and how you can showcase these skills. Interviewers will often ask for examples of when you’ve used these skills so have some ready to go.

If you're not sure, ask!

If you’ve been offered the opportunity to interview, prospective employers will be more than happy to answer any questions you have beforehand about the interview set up, process and what’s expected of you. Interviews aren’t a test to catch you out, they’re a chance for you and an employer to have a conversation to check if you’d be a good fit for the role, but also for you to see if they’re the employer for you. So make sure you’ve got some questions of your own to ask. You could ask more about the actual role itself, the culture of the company or even the team you’ll be working with.

Don't rush.

When you get to the interview, it’s easy to become flustered and answer questions quickly, especially if it’s a question you don’t feel quite as prepared for. Take a moment to gather your thoughts before answering the question, ask them to repeat it if you’re not sure and be honest! If you don’t understand or if they’re asking about something that isn’t your strongest skill, they’ll appreciate the honesty as there will be other areas your strengths will show.

They're just people.

As we’ve said, it’s not a test! The people interviewing are just regular people so whether it’s an in-person or online interview, just be yourself.


It’s easier said than done to not be nervous for an interview, but if you prepare have confidence in your skills and just be yourself, it’ll show. If you don’t get the outcome you hoped for, ask for feedback to know what you can work on, and use the interview as experience for the future.

We’re also here to support you in landing your dream role in tech with employer events, CV-building workshops and more. Good luck!