We’re thrilled that our CEO and Founder, Janice Rae, has been featured in Analytics Insight’s Top 10 Most Influential Women in Tech list.

The feature, aimed at improving representation in the tech industry, shares the stories of 10 women who have overcome barriers to build successful careers and set examples for future generations.

Janice’s love for tech started at a very young age and has never left her, however due to the lack of inclusion in the tech industry, Janice pursued a different career path. After years of working with businesses to help them attract diverse talent, Janice recognised the need to help others, who like her, never had the support to get into tech.

Now as CEO and Founder of her own business, the feature shares Janice’s advice for future leaders on innovation, motivating their team, and the importance of aiming high.

“I’m delighted to have been named as one of the most influential women in tech by Analytics Insight. It’s great that  women in the industry are being celebrated and we’re raising awareness of women breaking barriers in tech.” – Janice Rae

You can read Janice’s full feature in the Analytics Insight magazine here.