Janice Rae TechTalent Academy Founder and

Janice Rae

I’ve been working with technology businesses for over 30 years – positioning them as employers of choice to attract diverse talent. This wasn’t by design more by accident. My first choice was tech and I learned to code when I left school but didn’t find the sector very diverse. Fast forward and we haven’t made much if any progress in this area as a sector at all in that time.

TechTalent Academy was set up to solve two issues – one to create more diverse tech teams and the other to upskill and bring more people into the sector. We teach the skill set that industry needs and provide the opportunities for the many thousands of people who dream of working in tech.

We believe that we can solve the skill shortage if we upskill our communities and become more inclusive and so our vision is to educate and support. We do this by providing technical training to women, underrepresented groups and allies with the right support to help them along the way.


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