This week we had a very special guest Annette Stimpson, Senior Business Consultant from Annovate Consulting. Annette’s worked in software development for 30 years and delivered an awesome two day workshop on Agile and Scrum methodologies.

The students were full of excitement in anticipation for this week’s learning. The start of a new week and new topic; following a very successful week 1 ; after a Python code review, ‘gold stars’ and ‘show and tell’ moments week 2 began.

Agile is a software development approach that was developed to address some disadvantages within the other models; waterfall and V-Model. It is essentially a set of values and principles as opposed to a process. There are several key areas that Agile addresses; software develops over time, offers adaptive planning; allows faster delivery to the customer and a flexible response to any change.

Annette introduced the candidates to the Agile process, using a variety of interactive exercises to demonstrate the key principles. The students had opportunities to learn about the roles in the Agile team, hear about real world experiences and projects; bringing the ideas to life and creating an air of enthusiasm for their future roles.
The second day allowed for a walk through of a project, including writing user stories, making estimations, attending and completing Sprint planning meetings; customer feedback and 1st/2nd iterations of code development for the project.

As part of our learning the students continued on the project started in day 2 by working on paired programming activities to create a 3rd iteration of the program. The paired programming results have been amazing, showing incredible progress since the start of the academy, intuitive programs and great team working skills.

We are looking forward to developing a final iteration of the code at the start of week 3 and would like to thank Annette for a fantastic learning experience this week.

We also learned about our strengths and values this week – these are critical to maintaining a positive outlook and helping us find happiness in our work and our lives. It helps us to be authentic and be proud of who we are which supports the journey on the academy and into the workplace. We’ll be doing more of this over the next few weeks to understand more about our strengths and values and how we can make best use of them – some of the strengths we’ve discovered we have are curiosity, gratitude, teamwork, love of learning, leadership, bravery and creativity.
Looking forward to week 3 now which is all about HTML and CSS.