JavaScript – here comes the interactivity for our pages!

After a brilliant week of creating web pages with HTML and CSS this week we started to learn about JavaScript. The design ideas have been fantastic for the interactivity of the website (launching a travel business).

JavaScript is a high-level object orientated programming language which is written into HTML and is used in web development to create interactive features and dynamic experiences for users. JavaScript can be used across multiple browsers and provide functionality to webpages. It can be used in both front end and back end application. JavaScript is great to learn as it used in some very powerful web development tools and frameworks such as Node JS and jQuery.

This week we looked at how JavaScript functions can be used for events such as a button click on a website, learning that these scripts can be included in the header or footer of the code. After adding a button to a page the students looked at three ways to display JavaScript; inner HTML, document.write and alert boxes.

Creatively there were so many possibilities and exciting additions to be added to the website project which the students had fun with.

During the home learning section this week, the students created interactive features for their websites, including registration and login buttons forms and pages, user to do lists and self updating time and date features.

We also squeezed in a Taster Session on Tuesday evening with our new Code Academy meet up group to welcome more to our community who want to learn about software development.

The evening kicked off with pizza and drinks, followed by an insight into Python Fundamentals. It was great to meet everyone and we’re looking forward to welcoming you to our next meet up in January where we’ll be looking at HTML/CSS Fundamentals.

Our trainees were amazing at demonstrating their learning to the group and highlighting the new skills they’ve gained. Well done, we’re so proud of you!

Origin Workspace were brilliant in hosting and sponsoring the evening and we can’t thank them enough for their support.

All in all some brilliant highlights for the week 😊.