We are delighted to have partnered with UST on not one, not two but three courses this month….all with a guaranteed interview for fabulous roles within this global tech organisation.. All courses lead to a BCS certification and run for 10-12 weeks, which means you could be starting a brand new career before Christmas 

It’s not too late to join our courses that began last week, our expert trainers will provide you everything you need to catch up on last week’s work. Additional funding means we are able to offer extra spaces and we are seeing a high volume of people who are still keen to join. All our training is online with core teaching hours on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, 10am – 12pm and 2pm – 4pm 

Our courses are fully funded by the DfE to provide technical training to a diverse range of people. We have already trained over 500 people this last year and supported them with all the technical skills and personal development required to gain a role in the tech industry.  

The growing shortage of tech skills means there are many opportunities for people to upskill and move into the tech sector. We think this is a perfect opportunity for all to embrace greater diversity and flexibility of thinking, removing barriers to entry with the following required as eligibility: 

  • Live full time in the the regions specified for the course 
  • MUST be looking to move into a tech role within 3 months of finishing the academy 
  • Be fully committed to starting a career in tech OR moving into a tech function with your current employer 
  • The right to live and work in the UK 
  • Have a National Insurance number 
  • Can engage with the course sessions and commit to completing the course 
  • Have not already completed a TTA funded academy 
  • Possess computing equipment (laptop or computer only) and steady internet connection to undergo the training 

To register for any of the courses you can book into a group session here to learn more from one our trainers or if you’ve heard everything you need to know and are ready and raring to go, simply complete the registration form and we will email you all the information you need to know to proceed with the process.

Software Development with Low Code TrainingWest Midlands & London 

12 week course –  6th Sep 

This course is designed to give you all the fundamentals of Software Development with the latter part of the course focusing on Low-code techniques as used in many organisations including UST 

  • Welcome and Software Tools
  • HTML and CSS Fundamentals
  • Introduction to JavaScript Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Cyber Fundamentals
  • Introduction to SQL and Data Modelling
  • Low Code Development Reactive Web Fundamentals
  • Low Code Development Mobile Fundamentals
  • Low Code Development Architecture and UI Patterns Fundamentals
  • Low Code Development BPTs and Timers with DevOps Fundamentals
  • Low Code Development Web Services and Database Integrations Fundamentals
  • Low Code Development Security and Best Practices Fundamentals
  • Low Code Development Testing Fundamentals
  • Agile Foundation

Business Analysis for Software Development – London & Nottingham 

12 week course 6th September 

This course will provide you with all the skills required as a Business Analyst for Software Development Projects 

  • Role of a Business Analyst
  • How to work with a Project Team and Stakeholders
  • Development Life Cycles
  • Requirement Processing and Engineering
  • Managing Asset Requirements
  • Common Business Analysist Tools and Techniques
  • Testing
  • Introduction to Data Analysist
  • Security Fundamentals
  • Overview of the Financial Sector
  • Operation Resilience
  • BCS Certificate in Business Analysis

Data (Solidatus) – London

10 week course commencing 27th September 

In business it’s all about the data, and so is this course. 

  • Fundamental understanding of programming languages and different techniques through Python and R.
  • Experience using various industry-standard libraries (NumPy, Pandas, Altair, Matplotlib).  
  • Use data visualisation theory and techniques.
  • Knowledge and understanding of industry leading software and packages (PowerBI and Tableau)
  • Exposure to cloud computing and storage solutions (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform)
  • Demonstrate knowledge of statistical data analysis techniques.
  • Developing databases suitable for containing big data by using SQL
  • Use data mining techniques to solve real-world problems. 
  • Developing teamwork, leadership, and decision making/problem-solving skills


In addition to the virtual technical training you will receive access to personal and professional development through coaching sessions and CV and LinkedIn workshops, online Hacking Labs and support from your trainer outside of core teaching hours

Average UK Salaries for Example Roles 

  • Junior Business Analyst £28,491 /yr
  • Business Analyst £42,704 /yr
  • Senior Business Analyst £56,837 /yr
  • Junior Software Developer £25,000 /yr
  • Software Developer £48,088 /yr
  • Senior Software Developer £66,840 /yr
  • Junior Data Analyst – £26,152 /yr
  • Data Analyst £36,441 /yr
  • Senior Data Analyst £48,088 /yr