This week saw the next cohort of excited students start their learning journey. We have two academies starting this week – our full time and our part time remote option for those working and/or not based in Bristol. It was brilliant to see so many excited faces eager to start their journey into either Full Stack Development or Cyber. This academy has an option at week 6 to take two different pathways – the full stack developer or the women in cyber – so you can delay the decision as to which pathway to go down until you’re more aware of the career options.

This week we started by learning Python. Python is a general purpose high level language that has many uses, from websites, applications to GUI interfaces. The students are learning how to create programs using functions, If statements, loops and user input. Through the home learning section of the week they had the opportunity to develop their own ideas for programs, ranging from telling jokes, to creating a password authentication program.

As with most languages we began with ‘hello world’ , a tradition amongst programming languages, moving onto creating a guessing game with If statements. Developing our understanding of operators and conditions we created functions to enhance the guessing game and give intuitive responses to the user. The candidates can now confidently create programs with while loops, if and elif statements and import a variety of modules and libraries to create working solutions to problems.

The home learning tasks this week produced over 20 different ways of completing the same problem. This provided some great feedback and discussion opportunities amongst the class.

Our part time students are swiftly catch up with the full time students and working on remote activities to reinforce their learning.