Week 2 began with stories from the students of dreaming in code and seeing loops in their sleep (!) and all the excitement at what this week will bring. Our Monday and Tuesday classroom days were totally different!

Day one began with front-end development and learning about the use of HTML and CSS. Students were encouraged to find their creative streak and design pages using a variety of tools.

The students learnt about using tags, div, body, header, main, footer; creating a layout for a webpage. We moved to add the ‘creative’ bits to create the colours and positioning of the div’s within the webpage. A rainbow of coloured pages began to develop with all students learning how to use Hex colours and float right/left. Images began appearing on the pages as we learnt how to use src and href.

The pages are looking fantastic and the designs are professional and well laid out. The home learning this week is to complete the first three pages of the website and incorporate some dynamic CSS features.

Each website presented made use of different functions within HTML and use of CSS with innovative and original layouts. We are now looking forward to adding further interactivity next week when the students learn JavaScript.

Day 2 we had some amazing guests from Flourish Zone. The students were treated to a coaching session by the inspirational coach Annette Percival who has launched Flourish Zone. The students absolutely loved this and gained a lot of useful tools and understanding from the session. We are very proud that we can also be part of Flourish Zones testing for the new app – buzz of excitement around the room as the student logged on and began to use this fantastic app. An amazing and thought provoking end to a very creative and colourful week.