This week on the course both our Full Stack and Cyber groups had an introduction to Data Science and Machine learning through Numpy and Pandas (not the black and white kind!)
Numpy is a general-purpose package that is used with arrays in Python. It allows for numerical computations to be completed, used for scientific computing. Numpy enables numerical data to be interrogated and manipulated; such as passing a password into the hex number equivalent, performing a matrix-based multiplication and then returning a number that is now the encrypted version of the password.

Students learnt how to use; arrange, shape, zeros, eye, dot and sum. Numpy sparked the interest of many of the students and they enjoyed learning something different with Python. Numpy was likened to excel spreadsheet by many students but using code!

Pandas is a Python library used for data analysis, you can import, analyse and visualise data. The key concepts of Pandas are indexing and data frames. The students learnt how to; create DataFrames, index Dataframes, access observations (rows) , use iloc and loc functions and a number of methods to manipulate the data to find the information they wanted.

A mentally challenging but thoroughly enjoyable week had by all, looking forward to seeing the amazing presentations the students produce from their Pandas investigation home learning tasks.
We are also continuing to test the app for Flourish Zone, exciting times for our students and the academy as we had a follow up visit from Flourish zone this week to discuss feedback; technical and non-technical, for the app.