This week brought some new skills to the table, we learnt about using GitHub to combine projects and collaborative working.
GitHub is a software development version control using GIT – it offers version control and source code management. GitHub is a way to collaborate with other developers, showing history and different versions. Using version control allows management of changes to documents, files, programs and information. Using this allows for you to track the changes and merge them into a master document.

The trainees learnt about pull requests, merging files, creating repositories and forking branches. They created a repository containing their recent Python project and worked collaboratively on an update from the customer for their final project. This involved some in class working and some home learning and they presented a final program on GitHub at the end of the week.
The second part of this week was JavaScript part 2, this section reinforced learning from last week, allowing deeper understanding of the fundamentals and structure of the language. The trainees developed programmes to enable an interactive login page that then links to the users account page of their websites they have made.

In just 5 weeks each trainee has created a functioning website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, with a Python program from an Agile project ready to combine in the coming weeks, complete with their own designed logo. They are making fantastic progress and are impressing us at TechTalent with their talents and scripting abilities.