This week we started a new language: Java. Java is a programming language that can be used on multiple platforms, it is a compiled code; meaning that it it must all be linked together and it will run as one program, as opposed to Interpreted code that runs line by line. Java runs on most operating systems and shares similarities with the C and C++ programming language.

This week, students were advised to ‘forget everything’ whilst remembering everything! The introduction of Java meant another different syntax and language construction to learn. The temptation is to apply knowledge learnt on different languages to the new one; this holds true for some elements (the basic logic), however in this instance the syntax used involves a lot more ‘writing’ and use of methods and class’s becomes key.

The students began as we do with every language, with hello world, we progressed to declaring variables, using iterations and selection to creating our own methods and using libraries available in Java.

As part of the home learning course this week students have developed a number of programs; including converting switch statements, creating solutions to mathematical logic problems and a password validation program.

As part of the support this week, our students participated in our CV workshop designed to help them summarise their skill sets effectively.

What an amazing 6 weeks this has been and a positive end to 2019, all the students are already thinking of the opportunities and adventures that 2020 will bring with their new careers in Tech.

Happy Christmas everyone and look forward to Pandas and Django in week 7.