After a well-earned rest over Christmas we started our penultimate week with the students on Data Analytics. But first we were excited and ready to demonstrate our Java home learning over Christmas – there was some really excellent programming 😊.

Pandas is Python Data Analysis library that provides easy to use data structures and data analysis tools for Python. Pandas is an open source software, available for free and allows for ways to use data using series and python objects. It has the facility to allow for data visualisation diagrams to be produced in a variety of ways.
We learned how to create Dataframes, index DataFrames, import CSV files and use arrays to add data. By using the loc and iloc function we were able to perform data searches for rows and columns. We reviewed data methods and the use of Boolean indexing.

Following the successful data manipulation we then learned about pandas plotting and matplotlib to produce visualisation diagrams in the form of a histogram. For home learning this week the students are producing a group presentation to share their findings from a set of given data. I’m really excited to see the results.