Wow those 8 weeks have gone fast – here we are in the final week of the course. This week we had two different areas to focus on and some exciting visitors.
The first part of the week we spent looking at Flask. Flask is a web framework that provides tools and libraries to be able to build a web application. Flask is written in python and based on jinja templates. Throughout the course we have been building a travel agency project, learning the basic of flask allows for the work to be combined into a web application. The students were introduced to Flask and for home learning continued to develop their web application.

The second part of the week was focused on cyber. We spent time looking at the ethics of cyber , looking at recent and real world examples of situations companies may face. We then had some speakers from Contextis, Cheltenham who gave a presentation to the students. Their presentation was fantastic and gave the students a real insight into incident response and roles in the cyber industry.

What a fantastic journey this has been for all our students and the skills and progress they have made has been incredible. Well done on completing the course and good luck with the next steps of the journey.