What a fantastic start to the November academy. A group full of enthusiasm (and nerves) sat quietly waiting for the course to begin (the quiet has now been replaced with confidence and laughter 😊). Having the right positive attitude to learning and skills development is key to success on this course. The course started with reviewing hope and fear, hope being a positive emotion and fear being a negative one. We understand that fear holds us back and makes us doubt ourselves so we are equipped with the tools now to recognise that and not to let it hold us back. We’re now all focused on hope, which helps us achieve and excel in learning and life.

Python is a general purpose high level language that has many uses, from websites, applications to GUI interfaces. The students are learning how to create programs using functions, If statements, loops and user input. Through the home learning section of the week they had the opportunity to develop their own ideas for programs, ranging from telling jokes, to creating a password authentication program.

As with most languages we began with ‘hello world’ , a tradition among programming languages. Having advised the students, they would soon be able to write ‘hello world’ in a variety of languages we moved onto creating a guessing game with If statements. We learnt not only how to concatenate in Python but how to say the word! Developing our understanding of operators and conditions (using crocodiles!) we created functions to enhance the guessing game and give intuitive responses to the user. The candidates can now confidently create programs with while loops, if and elif statements and import a variety of modules and libraries to create working solutions to problems.

Origin Workspace, our new home for the Academy is a fantastic space for everyone to be in and learn in. We love their focus on well-being so knew it was the right place for us as we want to ensure a happy and positive learning experience for all our trainees. Whilst studying we’re also enjoying walking, yoga, boxercise, running and hot chocolate on the terrace 😊.