This month we started a Part Time course for Full Stack Development and Women in Cyber. We have been joined by a group from various sectors and locations, all with a common goal to start a learning journey to developing tech skills. The part time option allows for candidates to be in full time work whilst studying to develop their skills with a move into the tech sector when the course is complete.

This month the part time group are studying Python. They attend a Webex weekly with the trainer to receive instruction on each week’s topic. Each Webex covers different focus areas, accompanied by tasks to complete each week, with some extra challenges available. The students have access to the trainer throughout the week to ask for support and extra help with the tasks.

The group have joined us in the classroom for an event last week which was a fantastic opportunity for the full and part time groups to work together and to share their varied experience and skills. The part time students will be joining us for future events and work with the full-time group on combined activities and challenges.
Our part time group are making fantastic progress, showing excellent skills and high-level ability with Python. We have created joke telling programs, mathematical programs and will be creating a program to recognise a palindrome and authenticate a password shortly.