Are you looking for new tech talent? Our graduates are the solution! Hiring top talent is crucial to the  success of any business, they help drive your business forward and maintain competitive advantage. With the supply of tech skills falling short our academies were created to bring new people into tech and give them the skills required by industry.

We understand how important it is to recruit the best tech talent which is why we ensure our graduates are ready for a successful career. Here are 5 things that make our graduates different:

1)      Diverse pool of candidates

The tech industry has some of the worst statistics when it comes to diverse recruitment, proving that businesses are missing out on the advantages that come as part of hiring diverse talent. Our candidates come from a range  of backgrounds, all offering their own unique benefits to businesses. For more information on the benefits of hiring diverse tech talent, our recent blog explains all.

2)      Transferable skills

From law to defence, our graduates have come from a mixture of industries, bringing with them a whole host of transferable skills to a role in tech, including communication, problem-solving and customer-service skills. The various career backgrounds will bring different perspectives to your business and have the potential to make you consider things that you may not have before.

3)      Confident and passionate

Taking the step towards a career change requires courage but for our students, it’s their passion for tech that brings them to our academies and what drives them to succeed. After completing our academies, our graduates are confident, determined, and ready to build on their skills.

4)      Up to date training

We understand that the lack of relevant skills is a major hurdle for businesses when recruiting tech talent which is why all our academies are designed with real-industry requirements in mind. As industry requirements  change, so do our courses. This ensures that our graduates always have the skills in place to meet your needs and progress your business.

5)      Post-graduation support

The end of the course doesn’t mean the end of our support. Our team are on hand for the first 12 months to help our graduates settle into their first role and provide them with any coaching or mentoring necessary.

If you’re looking to recruit tech talent, please get in touch. Our Head of Talent, Ben, is on hand to discuss your requirements and help you place the right candidate for the role.