What you need to know about upskilling

Every industry goes through development and change, but maybe not as much as the tech sector! It’s fast-paced, and people are either creating smarter ways of doing things or if you’re in the cyber security industry, hackers are coming up with more intelligent ways to gain access. So upskilling is key to the technology sector. In a 2020 survey by McKinsey, they reported that nearly 90% of those surveyed either already had skill gaps in their workforce or predicted them in the next five years.

What’s more is that employees like to develop their skills to make sure they’re at the top of their game, so it’s crucial for employee retention!

What is upskilling & why should you be doing it?

Upskilling is training to keep up with the industry you’re in and meet or even exceed its demands. It’s important for both the employers and employees as;

  • Upskilling helps to retain employees
  • Employees learn a new skill for free
  • Companies have an experienced and developed workforce
  • The company and employees both succeed!

How do you start upskilling?

Start with some skills benchmarking. This will help you assess what skills your team currently has, and where there are gaps. This might help you see if there’s some training your team could do, or in some cases, you might need to hire brand new talent. TechTalent offers our own comprehensive Skill Benchmark Assessments, and if you are looking to hire someone new, we have a whole host of people for the job!

Don’t stop there

Once you’ve done this exercise and got your team trained and ready to go, make sure you’re making sure you stay on top of it. There are always new training opportunities and things to learn and by utilising these, you’ll be on track to having happier staff and a successful outcome for your business.

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