The Women in Data Academy offers women an accelerated learning pathway to a career in data. With two options available – a full-time 7-week programme or a part-time version held over 40 weeks – the academy is designed by TechTalent Academy based on real-world skills and key requirements from the industry.

The academy covers a range of modules to ensure students have a full understanding of what is needed to build a successful career in data science or data engineering, including: Python Fundamentals; Python for Data Science; Python Libraries including Pandas and NumPy, Modelling for Data Science, Databases (SQL) and Big Data.

As part of the Women in Data Academy, our students are also given the chance to put their new skills to practice with a student showcase. Here are just some of the methods used by our students in their showcase projects, all of which reflect the skills required for their first role in data:
  • The ability to programme in Python and R including coding, interpreting and problem-solving
  • Plotting and visualisations from data sets
  • Python for Data Science – Machine & Deep Learning
  • Using Pandas data frames for data manipulation
  • Data manipulation through extracting, editing, deleting, and updating data
  • The use of SQL to create relational schemas effectively to store data and extract relevant data
  • Using NumPy for mathematical computations and analysis
  • Understanding the ethical use of AI to collect, store, process and evaluate data

According to a labour market analysis commissioned for Dynamics of Data Science Skills, the demand for data scientists and data engineers tripled over the past five years, rising 231%. As the demand for data talent grows, the industry is faced with a supply shortage of talent with the relevant skills and knowledge. There is no silver bullet to solving the skills gap and it is not a problem that the tech industry can solve overnight. There is, however, a role for education providers to play to ensure that the courses are up-to-date and applicable.

Our Women in Data Academy is designed with the latest industry requirements in mind to ensure the training provided to our students is relevant to their future employers’ needs. The skills developed by our graduates set them up in excellent stead for a career in data analytics, data science, programming and business intelligence analytics. This offers candidates confidence and new ways of upskilling, allowing them to identify, understand and interpret real-world problems, all of which are crucial for overcoming the growing data challenge facing businesses.

If you’re looking for fantastic data professionals to join your team, contact Ben, our Head of Talent, via email. Alternatively, if you want to take your first step towards a career in Data, register your interest for our Women in Data Academy here.