Wanting to build a career for herself, Carla left her job in Sales Administration and decided to enrol in our Women in Data Academy. After successfully completing our course, she achieved her goal and secured a role as a Commercial Data Analyst. 

We recently spoke with Carla to find out more about her incredible journey into the tech industry, the role our Women in Data Academy played in her new career, and her advice to other people wanting to learn to code. Over to you Carla… 


What were you doing before you started the course? 

I had recently left a job as a Sales Analyst/ Administration to explore other opportunities available to me which would enable me to build a career for myself. Whilst looking for positions and training opportunities, I decided to start a temporary position as a Care Worker as I was able to do this during the pandemic. 

Why did you decide to join? 

Since completing a few modules on Data Science during my degree, I have been interested in the subject and I thought the Women in Data Academy would provide me with a good foundation and understanding of a growing industry. As a woman, I also understand the importance of diversifying this sector and therefore thought this may help to excel in my career. 

What did you think of the training? How did it help you? 

The course provided me with a great foundation for understanding Python and other languages. I was also able to understand the logic behind how the code is written and how to create a code to solve real-life problems that may come up in the working world. Through the home learning tasks I was able to begin to build a portfolio to allow potential employers, and others, to see examples of my work.

What module did you enjoy the most? 

I enjoyed the Python modules the most. Previously Data Science had been a mystery to me and so I didn’t understand Python or how it worked at all. But, through the Women in Data Academy, I finally understood it. The trainer explained everything to us, in ways that we could understand, and he took the time to go over anything we didn’t understand which I appreciated. In addition to this, his genuine enthusiasm and passion for data science was infectious and made me enjoy the Python modules more. 

What are your plans for the future? 

Luckily after updating my CV with details of the Women in Data Academy, I secured a role as a Commercial Data Analyst within a few weeks of completing the course. Once I updated my CV I received so many more callbacks and invitations to interview, and I am so grateful to the Women in Data Academy course for this. 

Do you have any tips/ advice for people who want to learn code? 

Don’t be afraid to try it and don’t be afraid to ask questions until it clicks. 


If you, like Carla, want a rewarding career in Data, we can help. Our Women in Data Academy is designed to help more women break into tech and will teach you the skills you need to secure an entry-level role. Furthermore, with our new Women in Data Academy, you will earn the BCS Foundation Certificate in Machine Learning and Python Institute’s Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer Certification. 

We’re now accepting applications for our full-time Women in Data Academy starting 12th April. For more information, or to register your interest, visit our Women in Data Academy page here.