When Atiya’s graduation holiday got cancelled, she decided to upskill and look into a range of online courses. To brush up on her Data Analysis and Machine Learning skills, Atiya registered to join our Women in Data Academy and now looks forward to exploring the new opportunities the course has provided.

From modern languages to programming languages, our Women in Data graduate, Atiya shares her TechTalent Academy journey with us…

What were you doing before you started our Women in Data Academy?

I had just graduated in Modern Languages and Linguistics. I was brushing up on my language skills and looking for graduate opportunities, seeing as my graduation holiday celebration had to be put on hold given the global circumstances. To benefit from the free summer that I now had, I took part in online courses on LinkedIn Learning, Future Learn, Coursera – any MOOC platform that offered interesting courses! My daily course search clearly paid off as I found  TechTalent’s Women in Data Academy. I had limited prior knowledge of Data Analysis and Machine Learning before starting the course

Why did you decide to join?

As I was actively searching for ways to upskill myself and try something new whilst looking for a career path, I thought I’d take a shot in the dark and sign up. Although I did find it challenging, I don’t regret it. Everyone has different interests and abilities, and this course has helped me to shape them, especially when I now take extra care when reading job descriptions and looking at software/programming skills that are required.

How did you find the training and how did it help you?

I enjoyed it! It was obviously different being at home instead of in a physical classroom and having that vibrant environment where you can actively meet other members and share ideas and solve problems together. My course Trainer was extremely helpful and would go out of her way to ensure that I understood the lesson, the tasks, and the software functions! My Trainer also provided me with extra classes to consolidate this knowledge as I was in the middle of an online internship, so this course definitely challenged my abilities. If my Trainer wasn’t there, I probably would have given up!

What module did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed Python and using different accompanying programming languages such as Pandas. I really liked expanding on my Microsoft Excel knowledge and looking at Data Visualisation techniques – this would have been helpful when I collected research for my undergraduate study project where I spent several hours filtering through answers from 200 participants!

What are your plans for the future?

At this point in time, I am still unsure. I would love to be able to incorporate some programming skills into my daily role, but I am trying to get on the proverbial career ladder. I will (Covid-19 allowing) pursue a Masters in Psychology and look for a role in international business development or organisational psychology.

“This course has taught me to value our individual differences.”

There are some aspects of Data Analysis that I am looking at developing further, as I would like to also get back into scientific research. But what I will say is that I 100% know that this course has opened up new doors for me and my technical skills.

Do you have any tips or advice for people who want to learn code?

Do it, even if you have doubts! In retrospect, I think about all the free time that I would have had if I didn’t do the course. ‘What would I have actually been doing considering we were still in lockdown?’ I would have never chosen a course in machine learning and data programming as I have pretty average knowledge, but I’m glad that I did, as it proved my resilience and my keen learning ability. I also appreciate the fact that once the course is over, TechTalent Academy doesn’t stop helping us. They provide CV workshops and potential job opportunities available later down the line, so we are not left on our own.

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