At TechTalent Academy we provide tech training to people from underrepresented groups to help them pursue a career in the technology sector. Our academies are designed to remove the barriers into tech and give our students the support they need to choose tech as their career path.

Rufaro joined our full-time Women in Software Academy in May and has since gone on to secure her first role as a Data Scientist. An inspiration to other women looking to get into the industry, Rufaro shares her journey with TechTalent Academy and how the academy changed her life.

Why did you decide to join TechTalent Academy?

I’ve been interested in technology since I was in sixth form. I’m a problem-solver and a creative therefore felt as if tech was the perfect industry for me as it incorporated the two.  I’d been looking for an opportunity in the tech industry since January however didn’t really know where to start. When I discovered the Women in Software Academy, I thought it would be a good opportunity.

How did the training help you?

Joining the Women in Software Academy really changed everything for me. It opened up a community of women in tech that I’d never witnessed before and it gave me so much confidence in my skills and abilities that I didn’t have before I joined. During the academy we covered a range of modules including Python, HTML, Pandas/NumPy and Cyber and I don’t think I’d have applied for my role had I not enrolled on the Women in Software Academy.

What have you done since graduating from the Women in Software Academy?

Since graduating from the Women in Software Academy I have secured my first full-time role as a Data Scientist. My role involves making sense of the data for my company so that it can be then used to make informed business decisions.

Do you have any tips or advice for women who want to get into tech?

Go for it! Don’t let the fact that there’s a lot of men discourage you from doing it, let it motivate you. Joining the Women in Software Academy is the best decision I’ve made.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in tech, we can help. We offer academies in Data Science, Cyber Security, Full Stack and Software Engineering. The academies are open to women of all ages and backgrounds and you don’t need any prior experience. Our experienced Trainers will provide you with the skills and knowledge to graduate ready for your career in tech.

For more information and to register your interest in one of our academies, visit our website. Or, if you need advice or have any questions, our Talent Team is here to help.